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U.S. Senator Richard Lugar
Ms. Stozen
Ms. Doris Levenberg
Judge Phillip Thieme

Embark on a journey through brush strokes, where emotion melds with canvas and color flows like whispered tales of old. Every frame you witness here is not just a painting but a fragment of Michael Chelich’s soul, captured in hues and shades that dance with the viewer’s imagination.

Born from the love of nature’s palettes and humanity’s most profound feelings, Michael’s works are a harmonious marriage of the age-old tradition of oil painting and contemporary artistic vision. Each piece resonates with the world’s heartbeat, capturing its myriad moods, untold stories, and fleeting beauty.

Step inside and allow the maestro’s hands to transport you to other realms. Witness the magic of creation, where dreams are not just dreamed but painted. Dive deep into the world of Michael Chelich and let every painting speak to you, touch you, and inspire the artist within.

I seek to capture the wonder and beauty of nature’s colors, textures and forms and weave them together within the patterns and rhythms of artistic expression.

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Apple Harvest
American Foxhounds
Deep River
Fresh Cut Flowers
Supper For Claire
Bluebird and Globethistle

Delve into the mesmerizing realm where Michael Chelich’s passions are vividly portrayed on canvas. Each artwork, a testament to his dedication and craft, bridges the divide between the ethereal and tangible, making intangible emotions palpable with each brush stroke.

Michael’s art is more than just color on canvas; it reflects his observations, experiences, and inner dialogues. Venturing beyond the visual, his creations invite you into a world where every stroke tells a story, and every shade evokes an emotion.

Michael seamlessly combines the traditional intricacies of oil painting with a new, contemporary viewpoint, both of which inspire his work. His art isn’t merely seen; it’s felt and experienced.

Dive in and experience the soulful voyage that is Michael Chelich’s artistry.

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