Chelich Studio of Fine Art


As you navigate this gallery, let Michael Chelich’s artworks transport you to familiar and unknown places, forgotten memories, and dreams yet to be realized.

Journey through brush strokes where emotion meets canvas, and tales emerge in color. Each frame is a piece of Michael Chelich’s soul, vividly expressed.

Inspired by nature and deep human sentiment, Michael combines traditional oil painting with a modern touch.

Each artwork echoes the world’s essence and fleeting splendor. Enter and be transported by the maestro’s craft, where dreams become painted realities. Explore Michael Chelich’s world and let each painting stir your inner artist.

I seek to capture the wonder and beauty of nature’s colors, textures and forms and weave them together within the patterns and rhythms of artistic expression.

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Deep River
Bluebird and Globethistle

Dive in and experience the soulful voyage that is Michael Chelich’s artistry.

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