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Illustrations are like magic! They can take a special moment, a giggle or a dreamy look, and make it last forever on a page, just like in a storybook.

NEW! Lucky on the Loose

The second installment of a two-part tale chronicling the exploits of Lucky the Adopted Dachshund is titled Lucky on the Loose. Lucky was taken to an animal shelter and given a loving adoptive family. But when Lucky was enjoying a stroll around the neighborhood with his new owner, Grandma Alice, he became enamored with a squirrel. He rushed into the street, oblivious to a delivery truck speeding down the sidewalk. What’s going to occur next? Kids will adore this thrilling wrap-up to Lucky’s travels.

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NEW! Lucky the Adopted Dachshund

Lucky the dachshund is found roaming along the side of the road, injured, by a nice father and his son. To get his wounds healed, they transport him to an animal shelter. Lucky, though, faces further issues. Who will look after him now that his family is nowhere to be found? Children in the first through fourth grades will understand the experiences of some dogs and cats when they are abandoned or separated from their owners by reading this exquisitely written and realistically illustrated book.

Readers will also experience the joys and challenges that Lucky’s new owners experience as they start their lives together. Kids will grow to love this adorable, curious, and energetic dachshund. But be ready for a cliffhanger at the end of this tale! This is the first in a series of two books. 2019 will see the completion of the sequel.

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The Dog and the Dolphin

What happens on a day at the beach when a red Irish Setter becomes bored? In the most unlikely spot, he could make new friends! For children in prekindergarten through third grade, the engrossing picture book The Dog and the Dolphin may provide them with a whole new outlook on the limitless possibilities of friendship.

This lively tale about two unusual beach mates is based on events that author James B. Dworkin witnessed at Sanibel Island, Florida. It centers on a red Irish Setter lying on the sand one lovely day. But the dog is utterly bored and needs to appreciate his surroundings. Even though he is enjoying himself immensely in the water and on the beach, he is nevertheless depressed about being by himself. At last, he spots something in the water that completely alters his day—a playful dolphin!

Simple to understand and captivating for kids and adults, this endearing story of two friends shows how two people can get together to have a great time regardless of their differences.

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The Dog and the Jet Ski

An incredibly daring dog.

A jet ski that moves incredibly quickly.

Red, the Irish Setter, unintentionally falls overboard during a boat ride while hoping to see his dolphin buddy. Will his friend the dolphin save him? Children from prekindergarten through third grade can learn important lessons from this book about friendship, diversity, and lending a helpful hand to those in need. This tale of Red, his dolphin buddy, and Sophia, the lifeguard, will captivate children. In this fantastic journey, Red even picks up the skill of jet skiing.

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Red’s Nature Adventure

A canine adventurer. An instruction on nature. The Irish setter, Red, is back for another adventure! He spends the day exploring a nearby wildlife preserve with his human companions this time. Adventuresome Red makes some unique new acquaintances along the road who help him and tell him about their world. The novel, which has stunning illustrations by Michael Chelich, takes place in Shirley Heinze Land Trust’s actual northwest Indiana nature preserves. Information about how to visit and the significance of protecting these natural areas can be found in the appendix.

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